Monday, May 6, 2013

I am certainly not the first mother to be told the word never. Kristy Yamaguchi and Mia Hamm would never walk normally due to severely clubbed feet. Albert Einstein would never read or write, because he was "simple". Agatha Christie would never read because she saw the written word backwards. Both George Bush's would never amount to anything because they simply couldn't pay attention.

I was told never many times.
"She'll never make it through the weekend, but if she does, I'll see her Monday." Neurologist, September 8, 2006.

"She might learn to crawl and stand, but she'll never walk without assistance." Same neurologist, September 2007.

 "She's never going to walk again." "Might as well put a g-tube in, she'll never eat on her own again." "She'll never be able to play sports on any kind of a team."  And MY personal FAVORITE. "She'll NEVER be the same child you knew." All December, 2009

That's why I NEVER say NEVER...

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