Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lessons learned in 2011...

This year I learned....
That no matter how hard I try to convince Him otherwise, God is always right.

I learned...
Two wrongs never make it right...they just make a mess.

I learned...
I have the tendency to be a "bad weather Christian." I sure do run to God with my tail between my legs when something goes wrong! I'm quite sure that he feels awfully abandoned by me on the good days, though.

I learned...
That the real struggle actually begins when you finally get to the end of yourself.

In 2012- my goal is simply this. Keep it simple. Get back to just living, laughing, and loving. My verse for the year is " Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer." I see a true need for me to rein in my thought life, so that I can rein my tongue, which will therefore affect my actions.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A testimony I'd like to share...

This young man took the prayers of my heart for you, Grace, and he put them into words. In case this link disappears, I want you to know the words he said- and live by them.

"I often say, that medically speaking, I shouldn't be able to talk. But because I can, I assume that there is something that God wants me to say. And medically speaking, I shouldn't be able to walk. But because I can, I assume that there's somewhere that God wants me to go. And despite the physical adversity that God has brought into my life....despite the pain that at times I have felt has been too much to penetrate, I have found that crying out to God, OVER and OVER again is the ANSWER to that adversity."
Dave McCroskey.

What an amazing young man!! We will be adding him to our prayers.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aunt Fret

Tonight, we went to the nursing home to see my Aunt Fret. Gracie was all excited, we had visited her before, and she sat in the hallway with us and talked. Well, now Fret is getting ready to meet Jesus. She lays in a bed, very close to the floor, with oxygen on. We walked in, and Gracie immediately walked back out. She told me she was scared. we walked around for a few minutes, and I tried to explain the machines to her. SHE KNEW WHAT IT WAS. She looked at me and said " I know that's a breathing machine, Momma. I don't like it in there." Like the sweet girl she is, she did go in with us. She sat right by Aunt Fret and told her she loved her. She listened as I read to her from the Bible. When we left, she was a bit sad and subdued.

Later, she told her Grandpa that she had gone to see her Aunt Fret. She told him that " she doesn't get up and go sit in the big room anymore. She has a nice bed though and a machine to breathe. They keep it right next to her and she has a duck and a TV. Her hair is soft and she'll be happy with Jesus."
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