Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Jesus

This morning, Grace and I set about making a present for her Sunday School teacher. As we were gluing, I was telling her who the different people in the nativity scene were.
Our conversation (in a nut shell)-

Grace- "Who's this?"
Me- " That's Joseph, Jesus' father."
Grace- "God is Jesus' father."
Me- "Yes, He is, and Joseph is His earthly father.
Grace- "Oh."

We moved onto Mary.
Grace- "Who's this?"
Me- "That's Mary, Jesus' mother.
Grace- "Like ooo my mommy and grandma is ooo mommy?"
Me- "Yes, just like that."
Grace- "Oh."

We move onto Baby Jesus.
Grace- "Who's this?"
Me- "That's Baby Jesus."
Grace- "That Jesus."
Me- "It's a baby to replicate Jesus." (Because she knows what replicate means, LOL)
Grace- "Oh."

We continue, putting the wise men and angel on, placing the stars in the sky, etc. I noticed that she had stopped giggling and was being VERY quiet. I knew she was thinking about something.
Me-"What are you thinking?"
Grace- "I pray to a BABY??"

                                                                         Finished product!

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