Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moments in time...

Gracie's 5th birthday is VERY quickly approaching! Last night we were sitting in her room, chitchatting with the lights off. I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday party and who she would like to invite. She said she wanted a big cookie, "like the one you made for Chad, my mommy." Which I found especially funny, because she only heard about that cookie, it got eaten before the kids got a piece. She wants me to decorate it like Mickey Mouse...guess I should have taken the cake decorating class at church last month!!

Anyway, then I asked who would like to invite. She said only one name, a child from her class at school. He has hydrocephalus like Gracie, but he doesn't talk and uses a wheelchair. He's also one of our absolute favorite little people in the world. I told her that we would definitely invite him, and she clapped her hands and did her special Gracie laugh. Then she got really quiet and said " He doesn't get to play with all of the other kids. Like I didn't used to. But he's my best friend because I love him. Except for brudder." (Then she pushed Josiah off the bed, but we'll pretend it was a completely sweet moment!!!)

It's moments like those that make my heart swell with love. Love for my baby girl, and love for my Jesus. Whom I have not given as much praise and glory and attention as I should lately. HE and HE alone took such a devastating experience as a childhood stroke and is turning it into something good. He's opening a 4 year old heart up to see the world and people the way they really should be seen. To treat people the same, no matter what. To have compassion....

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Heidi said...

I love reading your posts. I always hear what I need at just the right time. God is so good.

I hope Gracie has great birthday #5! We are both September babies!

Hope you can get that cookie cake for her :)


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