Saturday, May 29, 2010

Such a sponge!!

Gracie has turned into such a sponge lately!! It's funny, too, because sometimes she comes out with things and I didn't realize that she had even been paying attention when I talked about it. For example, today we went to a picnic for our church softball team. After we had eaten, one of the boys on the team saw a pair of sneakers hanging in a tree. (Why do people do that anyway? Around here, you always see sneakers hanging on phone lines. What's the use in that??) Anyway...he climbed the tree to try and get them. It became quite the spectacle, as he couldn't crawl out onto the actual branch they were on, it would have given under his weight. So, he had branches and was trying to bat them down. His dad kept yelling funny little comments, and then talked about persevering. Well, during all of this, Grace was BUSY playing on the slide. I never saw her look twice at what was going on. However, as she was trying to fall asleep, she said, "Jordan persepeered and he got the shoes in the tree, Mommy?" So, I got to explain what perseverance is... I should have just given her a picture of herself.

Here are some pictures from the slide. The girl behind her is Alura, my friend's niece. I can not say enough about this child. She amazes me!! Whenever she is around Gracie, she takes her under her wing and not only protects her, but makes sure she gets to have fun and play too. This afternoon, I overheard her saying " You just have to be more patient with her. She can do it, but just a little slower than us." She's such a blessing to me.

And for good measure: the sneaker escapade!!

By the way, Josiah is walking!! He is turning into such a handsome little MAN. it amazes me...every day he's less of a baby. This is tonight. My friend washed him up after dinner for me, and she spiked his hair.

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Heidi said...

Wow! Such wonderful things happening! I love the perseverance definition...Gracie!!
Josiah is getting so big! He is so cute...he looks a lot like Gracie in that photo.
I've never understood that about sneakers myself...why ARE they thrown up in those places?
Can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks!!!

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