Monday, April 18, 2011

How we're doing

I am a bad blogger. A bad, bad blogger. It has been almost 2 months since I've posted!

Here's just a little snapshot of what's been going on-
-Grace has become addicted to Wonder Pets. And I am smiling about that. Yes, smiling. This is coming from the mom who was convinced that the TV was the devil and her kids would never watch it. I'm still on the fence about that, BUT it is huge that she can sit still and watch an episode of a cartoon. HUGE.
-She continues to do well in school, and has been approved to continue school straight through the summer. Kindergarten next fall looms over me like a huge black cloud. I had always planned to home school my kids, but I want her to get what she needs, especially for kindergarten and first grade. Unfortunately, what she needs includes a lot of individual attention and continuous physical, occupational, and speech therapy. So, it looks like she will have to go to school. It scares me. I mean if people that know exactly what is wrong with her and how injured her brain is don't always understand and have patience with her, how much harder will it be for an outsider?
- She had a seizure two weeks ago tomorrow. It was brought on by a UTI, and it was very scary. We were already in Rochester for a dental appointment, and when we arrived in the ER, they immediately treated it as shunt failure. That didn't even happen when she actually had shunt failure!! As a result, her seizure meds have been changed again. She is now on only Keppra and vitamin B6- just in higher doses. It's been almost 2 weeks since the switch, and to me, she seems happier. :)

- Josiah started big boy Sunday School! Since his tubes were placed in February, he has had a word explosion. I didn't even realize he might have been behind in speech, but now he talks all day! Love it! They continue to be the best of friends, although these days, he does like to try and tackle her.

***Please pray for Liam. He is the son of a friend, around Josiah's age. He is BaTTLING leukemia, and at this point has not walked in five days. His parents faith is strong, but they could really use our prayers.***

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