Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ladies Tea

Yesterday, we had the 1st Lighthouse Baptist Church Ladies Tea!!  What a BUSY, fun day!! It started early, at around 4:30 am. Saturday's is bus visiting day, and I TRY to get up early and pray for all of our kids and workers on Saturday mornings. Then, we headed to the church for an extremely quick meeting and off we went. The tea was to begin at 1pm, so at 12 noon we had to wrap things up and head home. We got gussied up (as good as it gets in an hour) and off we went.
We arrived right on time and got our corsages. Gracie's promptly fell apart, LOL. She has inherited mommy's allergies, so that was probably for the best, anyway. The church looked absolutely beautiful. Some of the ladies lent out their tea cups and saucers and other antique items. 

We were served a very yummy lunch, which Gracie enjoyed much more than I had expected. Actually, she really enjoyed the melon and croissants, but hey, that's something!!

We then went upstairs for the wonderful teaching portion. Gracie didn't sit completely still the whole time, but neither did I!! Halfway through, she turned and asked me if Josiah was sick. I told her no and tried to explain to her quietly that he stayed home because it was just for ladies. She said "brudder usually comes to church with me though." About 10 minutes later, we were praying and she was fiddling around, so I told her to bow her head to pray. The next thing I know I heard:  "Jesus, help brudder get better so he can come with me to church. Amen."  No matter what you accomplish in life Grace, if you keep that loving heart, Mommy and Daddy will always be SO proud of you.
She didn't want to turn and look at me, but I just love the old fashioned effect of this picture!!
Dessert was yummy! Gracie tried the one with the green and cracked me up. It was mint, something her taste buds are just not ready for yet! However it was yummy to my adult taste buds....they all were. Hmmm, Weight Watchers meeting on Tuesday evening anyone?

After dessert, numbers were called and the winners got to take home one of the tea cups and saucers with a potted plant. Gracie was so excited when her number was called. However, she decided to give her prize to Miss Bea. Here they are together.

I might be biased, but isn't she beautiful?? (Both of them!)

Mrs. Hack gave Gracie another flower to give to her mommy. ***Life lesson 427- Always think of others when it comes to gifts. Mommy has much much more than she needs.
The theme was Precious Memories, and oh how precious every little memory is!!

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