Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting 2012 off right...

Gracie got a big orange crayon bank for her birthday back in September. For a few days, it just sat there. Actually, for a few days, it was used as a weapon. Josiah seemed to think it made a perfect launching item. He had no worries over where or who it hit though! I decided to bring said bank upstairs to their room. Now that I'm working, I try hard to have a few special times with them every day. As small as it is, this is one of them. Every few nights, I empty my wallet and purse and pockets and let the kids put it into that bank. They love the sound of the money clunking at the bottom, and they count as they go.

Back in November, 2 men from our church were going on a missions trip to Thailand and Burma. To be honest, I never know how much Grace listens during church. I knew then though. We came home the night that they talked about the trip, and she told me we needed to give them "yots and yots of money. For the Burma kids." At first, I just let that go, but she continued. She'd ask me about Burma, if they left for Burma, where Burma is. So, I put the money I had planned to give for the trip in the envelope and gave it to her to put into the offering plate. She was faithful in praying for that trip every single day that they were gone. No, she didn't say "Let's pray for Bro. Bob and Bro. Matt." She did, however, ask me every day if they were still there, if they'd gone to see the orphans yet, all kinds of questions. Her heart was captured.

Two nights ago, I realized how much. As we were putting our money in the crayon, she said, "Let's give this and your whole paycheck to the canaries." I didn't even know what she was talking about. Sometimes, she just goes off on tangents about stuff she sees on Disney- I figured she saw something about canaries. Then later, I was praying for a family that is going on a missions trip this the Canary Islands. So I went and asked her what the canaries were. "You know, the canaries, Mama. At church." Suddenly, it hit me. When we talk about Burma, it was the Burmese. Thailand- Thai's. She was talking about the people who live in the Canary Islands! So, we started talking about it more. I couldn't BELIEVE how much she knew about this trip! I was so excited, because it means, somewhere at some point, she listens in church! I asked her if she really wanted to give her savings away. I wanted to be sure she understood that it would be gone for good. She said yes. Emphatically.

So, yesterday afternoon, I went and got the crayon. I planned to take the money out of it and put it into an offering envelope. When she saw it, she got so excited, clapping her hands and laughing. She asked if she could give it to them herself. I told her we would put it in the plate when it went around with their name on it. SHE WAS NOT HAPPY. She wanted to make sure that he got it, and she wanted to give it to him. HERSELF. So, before church last night, I let her go and give it to him. In true Grace fashion, she asked him to give her the crayon back. She was so incredibly happy...and she taught me a great lesson. Life is about giving. Yes, we have needs...but ours are so often met above and beyond, and then we start going after our wants. Without a thought of those with NEED. Food, shelter, clothing...SALVATION...a Bible to read.

We got the crayon back before we left church. Grace saw it sitting on the dresser this morning, and said "Mama, it's empty!!" I thought, "Oh no, did she forget already?" Then she said "You better go to work so we can fill it up again! The Canaries really need it!!" Lord, please let them both always have a heart for You and a heart for others....
"Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken 
together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same 
measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

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Heather B. said...

Oh, I just love it! Praise the Lord for daily miracles:)
-Heidi Wright's sis :)

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