Sunday, February 7, 2010

How old are you?

For some reason, in Gracie's mind she never turned 3. Whenever anyone asks her how old she is, she automatically says 2. Then I will say "no honey, remember you had a birthday? You're how old?" After a few tries, and sometimes very insistent "My 2!!" she will say "My 3." I've always thought it was cute, but now it seems more than just a cute little thing she does. Sometimes, I don't want to correct her. It would be easier for people who just meet her to think that she is an extremely tall 2 year old then to explain.
"My daughter had a stroke."
" Yes, she's a girl...her hair is so short because she had brain surgery. "
"She doesn't mean to upset, hurt, annoy, etc. you. She just doesn't understand."

      See, Grace is very intelligent. She can remember names and numbers, songs and stories. She woke up from a coma and knew some people that I never expected her to remember. She can count to ten, say her ABC's (with a few glitches), tell you her address, and the name of her church. She can learn her memory verse and sing Sunday School songs. So, people look at all that she can do and often forget just what happened and how much she has lost. So:

***If Grace licks you, please tell her no and redirect her. It might seem odd or gross, and for that I am sorry. However, she does not mean for it to be either of those things. This is an area in which she has regressed, and we are working on it.
***If Grace throws a toy or hits, again, tell her no and redirect her. try to remember when you're own children were around 1. She is relearning her environment, and some learning is done physically. Again, we are working on it at home on a daily basis.
***She will repeat herself over and over again until she gets an answer. She has a hard time sitting still. She is needy and wants to always be close to someone.
 Please be assured that almost all of the undesirable behaviors that Grace has, we are aware of. At night, in the quiet, when it's just me and God , I often lay awake thinking of my little girl. I thank God with every single breath for my precious children.  I also grieve, just a little. I cry. I question, though I know that I shouldn't. See, I know she's different. I see it in so many more ways than you can even begin to...I am with her every minute of every day. I just love her today just the way she is today and continue to pray.  I will love her tomorrow, just the way she is tomorrow. Please, try to do the same.


Heidi said...

We love you! :)

Heather B. said...

So glad the Lord can pick you up and hold you up when it's hard! Can't imagine trying to do it without Him:) We are going to be in Rochester for the Youth Ablaze. I told Heidi I'd try to stop in to see you, but I am glad you are home now! PTL!

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