Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The scare.

So, night time came. Everyone but Grace and I had left the hospital (of our family, I mean), and we had settled in for bed. As I said before, Gracie's blood pressure had been coming out quite high for her. The nurses kept telling me that it was just because of her moving around a lot while they were taking it, but I was still nervous. Blood pressure and intracranial pressure go hand in hand, so ANYTIME I see a high number, I start to worry. Anyway, 8 pm came and Grace was tired, so into her little cage she went. I sat with her until she fell asleep, and then I left the room to get a drink. I came back, about 5 minutes later, and immediately checked on her. She was sleeping peacefully.I hadn't slept at all the night before, so I decided to pull the chair out and lay down. I was sound asleep for about an hour - then we got a neighbor. I decided to get up and use the computer for a little while--which of course turned into an hour. Suddenly, I realized I hadn't checked on her in an hour. So, I jumped up to look in on her. I did my old standard- stuck my fingers under her nose. She seemed fine. As I was pulling my hand back, it felt warm and wet though. I thought she must have been drooling pretty badly, so I went to wipe her chin. Then I realized it was not drool. The entire side of her bed, shirt, her head and face were covered in BLOOD. I gasped, ran to the light switch and flipped it on, and ran back. To make sure I was seeing right...and I was. It was everywhere- all through her hair and her pillow was saturated. I ran. I have never run so fast in my life- and I actually knocked my roommate's mom right over. I forgot all about the call button, and ran into the hallway, screaming help. All that kept going through my mind was the doctor saying that bleeding from the nose or ears was VERY BAD. Nurses came running from seemingly every direction. One heard me screaming from the elevator and stopped the elevator to come running. The first one to get there was a man and he asked what was going on. All I remember is saying" her head is covered. Her head is covered." He ran in and immediately got on the loudspeaker. "ALL medical personnel to room 39." Gracie's nurse came running down the hall at that point, she was on break. The man that was in the room was talking to someone, and I could hear him telling the person that there was no point of origin for the bleeding. He was calling for bags of blood- that's how much blood it looked like she had lost. I heard her neurosurgeon paged, and I started to really get nervous. Then, her nurse came out and told me Gracie was fine. Her IV had infiltrated, and she must have had her arms up over her head when it happened. The first nurse that went in didn't know her or that she even had an IV, so he didn't know to look for it. As soon as the nurse told me she was ok, I let out my breath...and passed out. When I came to, it was like it had all been a dream. She was all clean and in a nice clean bed. The only hint that anything had happened was the small blood stain on her new PJ's.

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