Monday, August 23, 2010

So, the next morning came, just as early as any other day. The sun started peeling through the huge window in the hospital room, and Grace started to wake up. Never mind that she had only really been asleep for 2 hours!! She asked for her cup immediately, and then she wanted some cereal. Of course, the doctor had made her NPO because they planned to sedate her for a CT. So started the game of preoccupation. Before long, we were being moved to a different room, one with a lot more leg room, and where she could have a BED instead of a crib. We had just gotten settled in there and a different pediatric neurosurgeon came in to talk to me. He told me that there was definitely something there, but there was really no way for to tell if it was new or old. His plan of action would be to watch HER, to watch for any signs of a worsening bleed. This was right up my alley. It probably seems as though I really enjoy having her go through CT's- but I don't. He told me all of the signs of it worsening- blood or drainage from ears and nose, worsening headaches, vomiting. He left, and I felt much better about everything.

Later in the evening, we changed rooms again. They decided she was stable enough to go to the Intermediate care instead of the PICU. I was none too excited about this, simply because it was late evening and I had gotten used to those nurses. We got everything moved over and got to know the new nurse, though. Gracie and I were out walking the halls and she met up with a family. It amazes me how quickly she can get a hold of someone's heart. She just sat and talked to that family for a good half an hour. When we left, the grandma thanked me for spending time with them...she said Gracie had just made their day. What a blessing!!

Later in the night, I got a real scare. As a matter of fact, I even passed out! More on that later though...

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