Saturday, November 5, 2011

Month of Thanksgiving...

I've noticed a lot of my Facebook friends have been doing posts about what they're thankful for every day. I had decided at the end of last month to do something a bit different this year, seeing as I seem to always be thankful for the same things. Which I still am, but there's only so many ways to say it. So this year, I've been asking Gracie and Josiah what they are thankful for and writing it down every night. They are 5 and 2.5. Some of the answers have been hilarious, some have been pretty selfish, some have been rather...eye opening. So, here we go. Our first week.

This is how the conversation went on Monday.
"Me- Mommy is going to ask you what you're thankful for every night. That means something that you really like or something that made you very happy. Ok?"
"Gracie- Daddy bought me a new Minnie Mouse blanket."
"Me- And you're thankful for that?"
Gracie- "Yep. My dog likes to sleep on it."

So, like I said sometimes, it's quite funny. And Josiah usually has the same one word answer. Mommy. Which is cute and sweet and adorable. Anyway, without further ado.
Monday- Gracie was thankful for her Minnie Mouse blanket. Josiah said "mine mommy"..
Tuesday- Gracie was thankful that her grandma was coming home from Florida. Josiah said his cup and his bed.
Wednesday- Gracie was thankful for her dog and that her Grandma and Uncle Timmy were there. Josiah was thankful that I read him books.
Thursday- Gracie said she was thankful that she got to go to the library at school and that I read the book to her at night. And that she had a coat and gloves and that I put yummy yummies in her coat pocket sometimes. And that I get to come home at night (which made me cry). She was very sweet and thankful that night. Josiah said his usual Mommy that night, but with much coaxing he said his hat.
Friday- Here's the eye opening one. Gracie said she was thankful that I fill up her lunchbox for her every morning. She said "I get hungry at school, and then they give me my lunchbox and my mommy always fills it up." Josiah said Mamma. That's his word for Grandma.

What am I thankful for? That my two beautiful children have so much to be thankful for. That my beautiful daughter has the capacity to tell me what she's thankful for. That my son loves me so much. You know....just the normal stuff.


Carole Strong said...

The little things that make life so wonderful !!!! I am thankful; that I get to share all these wonderful days with them !

Cat Musgrove said...

What a beautiful blog! I am so often inspired by you!

xoxox Cat

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