Tuesday, November 15, 2011


To my babies:
I sat there last night, beside both of your beds, and prayed. Gracie, I prayed that you would always be as stubborn, loving, and tender-hearted as you are now. I prayed that as your brain heals, which it does every day, you would never lose sight of how far God has brought you. I prayed that as a family, we would never forget. We might move on, one day I might stop explaining to people that you have a TBI--- but please, Lord- let us never forget. I prayed that the circumstances of your early life would cause you to desire to help others. Josiah, I prayed that you would always love me as much as you do right now, no matter what mistakes I make. It's the love of my babies that gets me through some of life's toughest days.You are such a smart boy. I prayed for you to grow and mature into a wise young man- one who gets his wisdom from God, not the world. I prayed that, just like your daddy, you would always wear that cowboy hat and boots. Be your own man!!

For both of you- I prayed for your friends- the ones you have now, and all that you will soon meet. Lord, please help them to make right decisions in their lives. I prayed that you would always be a good influence on those you meet. I prayed for your service. That you would serve God...but not because Mommy and Daddy force you to, but out of love and desire. I even prayed for your future husband and wife!! I had to giggle a bit as I thought of either of you married! Gracie, please don't hit your husband if he steals your last yummy yummy. And Josiah, please learn that chocolate is very important to a woman!!

I love you both. Some day in the future, you'll have a bad day. Believe me, you'll have days that you feel like can't possible get any worse. I pray that they are few and far between, but that when they do come, you learn. When you get there, and you're at your wits end, I hope you'll read this, and feel a bit better. No matter what, your mommy will pray for you.

                                                    1 Samuel 1:27  " For this child I prayed..."

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