Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm gonna be a bus worker!!

The very first ministry that I got involved with when I began going to church was the bus ministry. I was asked to work it one week as a substitute for someone, and I FELL IN LOVE. So, the next week, I went to another bus meeting, and before long, I was riding the bus weekly. Leading music, loving kids, getting the opportunity to lead children and adults to the Lord---there is nothing else like it. I met the love of my life on the church bus. He was a rider at the time....see how good God is?

Well, anyway, yesterday our Pastor preached on life goals. Back when we were first married, John and I made a goal that we would ALWAYS be involved in the bus ministry, in some way. We knew it wouldn't be logical to say that we would always ride...but we would always be involved. We also made a goal that our children would be involved right from the beginning. We want the bus kids to be our kid's friends. When Gracie was born and in the NICU for almost 5 months, we obviously had to take some time off from riding the bus. Unfortunately, I allowed my fears to get the best of me. "Oh the bus is too cold for her" In the summer. "Oh the bus is too loud." So, we never got back on the bus. Then I got pregnant with Josiah, and if you know me, you know my pregnancies are not the 9 months of glowing skin that you read about. I couldn't step foot near that bus if I wanted to. So, the platn was to get back on the bus when Josiah was 1. Well...strokes happen! So we didn't get back on then either. Our love for the bus ministry and those kids never waivered though. Gracie started talking about being a bus worker back before the stroke. Most kids see the big yellow bus and want to ride it, but she wanted to get on there and work!

This past week, she has talked about it incessantly. "Mommy, when will I be a bus worker?" "Mommy, I will ride the Southside bus." (Yep, she's trained well...Southside girl through and through!!) "Mommy, I will go to bus meetings and bus calling this week?" I had planned on waiting until spring, when it's a little warmer. Then yesterday's message got me. SHE DESIRES TO SERVE THE LORD. Right now. What's that saying... get in while the gettin's good? So, yesterday afternoon, WE  rode the bus. Is Gracie a bus worker? Not on our church record books...she has 9 years to wait to be considered an official "bus worker". God saw the hug she so freely gave to one of our adult riders yesterday, though. He saw those tears in that precious lady's eyes.

Kids, I pray that you will always have this heart. Don't let life or the world harden you. Remember, as a 4 year old child the excitement and joy as you climbed on that bus. "I'm gonna be a bus worker! Josiah we're gonna be bus workers!!"

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blessed beyond measure said...

I do think this is one of my favorite post.....I think Gracie makes an excellent bus worker.....I am so happy you are back on the bus.I know my hubby is VERY thankful too.....

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