Friday, January 28, 2011

Opthalmology update

So, we went back to the local eye doctor yesterday. She has an appointment in Rochester in April, but I have been seeing far too much squinting and head tilting to wait that long. She has needed to have her eyes dilated so that he could get a good look at her optical nerves, but since the seizure that was a no- go. Things like that can increase blood pressure, cause a child to pass out, and then a seizure can occur. I talked to her neurologist about it though, and she said that those chances were very slim and that I should go ahead, because we need to find out about the condition of her eye. I agreed wholeheartedly....but that didn't make me any less worried!!

I explained to her that the man was going to put a drop in each eye and that it was going to hurt and make her vision blurry. She was nervous, but ok. Then he came in (an assistant, not the doctor), and I asked him how long it would take to wear off. His answer- "Sometimes two minutes, sometime two days. Now hold her down." Um no. My already unstable on her feet child can NOT have blurry vision for TWO DAYS. That's unacceptable!! So I told him I'd like to wait and talk to the doctor about it. He was visibly annoyed...oops. The doctor came in and told me he was planning on using the fastest acting eye drop on her, and that her vision should be mostly normal by the end of the night, and then back to normal in the morning. He also apologized for the other man- he had been standing right outside the door. I held her down while he administered the torture drops, and we went out to play for a while. Oh my, she was like a drunken sailor. Her vision being blurry upset her at times and made her giggle at other times--- she was just off the wall.

Finally, it was out turn to go back in. She hates bright lights, and he has to use a very bright one ( think flood lights) to see her nerve. So she squirmed and cried and kicked the chair. MY CHILD IS STRONG!!! I could barely hold her, but he did get an "ok" look.. Here's the surprise. Her nerve looks perfect. Her eyes are both farsighted, at 150- but he said that it's normal for a child this age and he wouldn't give glasses for it. So, now we are both left wondering about the visual field cut. Since her nerve is perfect, the field cut is unexplained. However, she definitely turns her entire head and strains her eyes to look at anything from a distance. Thankfully, yesterday he was able to see her do it. Now he knows what I'm talking about and that I'm not completely crazy. The only thing he can think of is that she started doing it when she first began to get her vision back and so her brain has trained her head to turn to look farther away. It's definitely not the definitive answer I wanted, but I guess it's better than something being terribly wrong in her eye. So, we will just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, she will go back, but otherwise, we are good for 6 months.

Some pictures from yesterday:

 She thought it was hysterical when I told her that the thing in the middle is the way a phone used to look "Mom, you're a silly willy nilly willy!"
 "Grace what do you see?"
"A hot balloon"
Which sounded like " a dead baboon" with her mouth crushed up. So funny.

 "Oops, Mom I fell. Where's the floor?" After her eyes were dilated.

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