Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Orthopedics update

Well, I meant to post this the other day, but totally forgot. We went to the local orthopedist last Thursday, to see if we could figure out any of Gracie's leg pain. I found out quite a few things!

First of all, he laid her down and did a bunch of little muscle and muscle memory tests and they all turned out GREAT!! He said that her tone in her leg muscles is still high, but that for a child who has had a stroke and has CP, she has done amazingly well. Her neurologist has discussed doing botox shots with us, but this doctor said that that is one of his LAST resorts. He checked her braces and has decided that she needs new ones again. I find this funny, because her feet actually haven't grown much since September! The braces she is in now have a hinge in the heel area. The original brace she was in was just a straight, rigid brace. We will be going back to the rigid brace. Her right heel cord is too tight, and he feels that having that rigidity behind there will strengthen it up. So, we will be heading to Rochester for new braces soon...and also an opthalmology appointment.

We go back in 6 months. He wants to see a 75% improvement in the heel cords by then, and if not, we will be scheduling surgery at that point.

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