Monday, January 4, 2010


Grace has had a good day. She had a LOT of therapy time today and no nap. This evening she played the Wii with the activity director and she just loved it.

Jessy has put her back on normal liquids. Please continue to pray about her swallowing. She does very well, but sometimes she still takes too much and chokes. I am also concerned that she hasn't been drinking quite enough. About a week ago, the nurses started to put her Keppra in her juice. Since then, she hasn't wanted to drink as much. She's a very smart little girl and she knows something is in there. Her lips are getting dry again, which is always a sign that she's starting to dehydrate. So, please pray she'll drink more now that she gets regular liquids again! She will be having some blood work in the AM and that will tell us if everything is alright.

I am looking forward to Thursday, when she will be fitted for braces. I know they are going to help her a lot. On Monday, we SHOULD be getting a rental wheelchair. Things are moving ahead!!

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