Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Grace,
I am sitting here, listening as you play across the hall. I can hear your laughter and the your little voice saying,
" Whatcha doin, Patricia?" In my mind, I can see you, sitting in your wheelchair, with a big smile on your face, the Wii controller in your hand. Next to you, I see Rich, a man who fell off a ladder a month ago and has been through a horrible ordeal. A man who half the time has no idea where he is and barely talks or smiles. I HEAR HIM LAUGH WITH YOU. I sneak over to the dining room and watch through the window. There you are, swinging the controller, NO idea what you are doing. Cracking up the whole time. There's Rich...trying to do the same thing, and laughing also. I see his wife...laughing as she tears up a thrilled to see him having FUN. I know that I have been blessed.

Never let life get to you. It definitely gets hard. Sometimes, it seems like it is WAY more than you can bear. You are a step ahead of the game though. At 3 years old, you have already learned to smile no matter what. As I have said before, you smile through the storm. Always remember that there are others have it so much harder than we do. As you get older, take a look around. There are people everywhere that are hurting. Share your smile. Share your laugh. Share your LOVE.

Love God. Right now, we ask you "who loves Gracie?" and you always say "JESUS!!" first. Never forget that. No matter how much Daddy and I love you...Jesus loves you so much more. Make Him your first love and your best friend, and you can't lose.  Be kind. When a new girl comes into Sunday School class, be the one who moves to sit next to her. Be her friend. Remember, someday you WILL be the new girl. Be thankful. The Bible says "in EVERYTHING give thanks." Learn to live a thankful life. Thank God for the sunshine AND the rain. Fall in love with God's Word, talk to Him EVERY day, and be a soul winner. He has given you an incredible testimony of His strength, His grace, His love and mercy. It would be a shame for you to keep that to yourself. Tell people everyday about Jesus. A simple smile and "Jesus loves you" will do.

We love you, Grace. Keep smiling.


Kayte said...

Beautiful post. I have the feeling the Grace is going to be used by God in a great way!

Heidi said...

Now that I've stopped blubbering...thank you for the post Michelle...I am sharing the link to Gracie's page again with my "Gracie Pray" email list. What an awesome testimony she has to share and thank you for writing this to remind all who read to "smile through the storm".

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