Monday, January 25, 2010

Every time she falls...

she somehow ends up directly on the shunt. UGH. This afternoon, we were waiting for her new physical therapists to get to the house. I was worried that they might miss it, so I wanted to go open the front door. I LEFT her, for about 30 seconds, SITTING on the kitchen floor. The next thing I knew, I heard a loud fall, a scream...and then silence. I got to the kitchen to find her on the floor, holding her breath. She actually made herself pass out. So, I had to give 911 a call. Unfortunately, anytime she loses consciousness (which hopefully won't be that often!), we were told to call right away. Of course, by the time the ambulance got to the house, she was up and fine. As a matter of fact, the therapists had arrived and had her playing in the living room. I probably looked like a complete fool to those paramedics!! :) We will be having physical therapy 3 times a week and occupational 3 times as well. So far, we haven't heard from the speech therapist yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

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