Sunday, January 24, 2010

So tired!!

Wow, what a week!! Being home is wonderful and just what we all needed, but is sure is tiring!! Remember how I talked about having a doctor right there whenever Grace needed anything? Well, now we have to pack up the car, wheelchair, both kids, and head across town!! I guess the hospital did have its own special perks after all.    
Overall, Grace has been doing great ! We worried so much about her wheelchair and we barely ever even use it. As a matter of fact, it hasn't been brought into the house since Tuesday. We use it when we go to the store, etc, but that's it. She had an appointment on Tuesday with her pediatrician. It was so cute, as we walked in, everyone stopped to ask us how she was doing and to say hi to her. Now, you have to understand that this office handles probably half the kids in our area. I was so shocked that the receptionists and nurses all knew what had happened. Her doctor is thrilled with her overall health. He said that he had gotten report from St. Mary's early on and then again later in her stay. He made it sound like she had done better than even the doctors there had expected.
Church seems to overwhelm her (and me!!). We took her on Wednesday evening and she wasn't being quiet ( makes me wish I had trained her to sit in church instead of going the nursery route!), so I was going to take her out. Well, Pastor noticed and said something and EVERYONE started to clap. She was so thrilled...although she has no idea why they were clapping! This morning, I went to SS with her. The 2's and 3's class is pretty big and very ACTIVE, so her teacher really needed me to stay. She did very well though. It was actually much harder for me than her. She used to be so excited to go to Sunday School and play with her friends, etc. Today, she just got OVERWHELMED. The kids always shout out parts of the songs, and she just got nervous. Then they sang a song where the kids fall on the ground at the end. My girl was strapped into a wheelchair. I had to excuse myself for a moment and get a tissue. I know she'll get there though. She barely used her wheelchair at all today, it was mainly just for security. I did leave her for second hour, knowing that there were two people in there, and one of them is one of her favorite people. Of course, there was a laundry list before I left. If she eats, she can't drink. She can only drink out of her cup. If she chokes tell her to cough and then make her talk. If she sounds like she's underwater, make her cough more. She can't feel for potty , so just take her, even if she says no. If her eye gaze deviates, call her name. If she doesn't change her gaze, get me. And of course...WATCH HER HEAD. Wow, I felt terrible, but it is SO important.

Both kids are taking a nap now...I probably should be as well. I know if I lay down I won't want to get back up, though. I DROPPED JOSIAH last night. Off of the bed. I have never dropped one of the kids. I've never fallen asleep with the on the open side of the bed. I felt AWFUL...I still do.

Just before Gracie fell asleep she sat up and asked me where her hair is. I told her it was on her head. She said "no this is my daddy's hair!". We told her that she looked more like Daddy after she woke up, to make her feel better about it. Oops. Guess that backfired. She now wants me to glue her hair back on her head. Hmmm...

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