Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life flights

Tonight, I was driving to Pizza Hut to pick up the pizza's for our little thank you party for the evening crew here, and a life flight helicopter flew overhead. I was stopped at a red light, so I just sat there and thought. I thought about the ladies that were on the helicopter with Gracie. I remember very little from the time Gracie got into the ICU on 11/16, but I do remember them. I remember the lady telling me that she had worked as a flight nurse for 17 years and that she would take care of my little girl. Then I remember her saying that she would pray with her and sing Jesus Loves Me to her on the way. I believe she did just that. I wish I knew their names so that I could thank them properly for getting her here safely, and for giving a very hysterical mommy just a little bit of peace.

Anyway, sitting at that red light, I decided to pray. I prayed for those ladies and all of the people who work on those life flights day in and day out. I prayed for the person on that helicopter, in a life threatening situation. I prayed for their family, maybe already in the waiting room pacing. Maybe racing up the highway, trying to get there. I prayed for the doctors and nurses, for wisdom and guidance.

So, if you live near a hospital, big or small...I want to challenge you. When you see an ambulance speeding towards the hospital, lights flashing and sirens blaring---take a moment to pray. If you see that impossible to miss life flight helicopter flying overhead, go to God for that person. I know...chances are slim that you actually know the person...but you just never know. Just 58 days ago, it was Gracie.

Oh, by the way, I'm very spacey these days (even more than normal). I'd probably still be sitting at that red light if not for the guy behind me laying on his horn!!


Heidi said...

Thank God for those ladies, right?!
I make it a habit to pray when I see or hear those life saving vehicles...they're on their way to someone in need!
I was wondering how long you sat praying until you wrote the guy behind you laid on his horn!

So happy you are in this chapter of this journey, Michelle. It's a new chapter and a new challenge and He'll see you thru every step and we're all out here praying for you!

HOPE said...

AMEN...I do that myself. I am always aware of that person at the moment in such great need. You portrayed it perfectly here..as we should think on ALL that is going on at that very moment and PRAY.

How wonderful it is to know such caring nurses. My daughter is a nurse and thought about being a traveling nurse. She has such a compassionate heart.

God bless you all on your own journey with GOD's great and perfect care.


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