Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1st visit to the park...

well, in 2010 that is!

I took the two kids over to Thorne Street ( a park a few blocks away) this evening. I guess I was feeling a bit daring, because I went by myself. I only have 2 kids...and it's hard at the park by myself!?! Gracie is everywhere though...and it's not like any other 3 year old. See, I was standing there talking to a very nice woman, and she also had a 3 year old. She never once had to excuse herself to redirect her son away from the creek. She never had to run after him because he was excited and just going way too fast...he was never at a risk for falling headfirst. So...the park is a tiring experience.

It's the good kind of tiring.

The kind of tiring that ends with "that was fun!" from an excited little girl in the backseat. "We go again morrow Mommy?"

***I am noticing more and more just how much the sun bothers my girls eyes. I tried to take some pictures, but she wouldn't look at the camera. The sun was directly in her eyes wherever I moved and it just seemed to hurt her. She has sunglasses, but unfortunately isn't good about keeping them on.

***Since I feel like I have complained about people so much lately...tonight after the park, we went to Target. (I got a great deal on pull-ups!!) Gracie was trying to pick something up off of the floor, and I clapped my hands because she was able to get it and get back up without losing her balance. (We rejoice at little things around here!) A lady around the corner heard us and came over to talk to Gracie. She told her how pretty her sweatshirt is and that she was being a good big sister. Then she asked me what had happened. It might seem like she was way too forward, but it was a huge breath of fresh air. instead of standing there and wondering if I was just strange ( which I am), she took a moment and inquired. She made Gracie feel good about herself.

Some pictures...not very good, but at
least they're in them!!

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