Friday, March 19, 2010

My new address:

600 Roe Ave
Elmira, NY

Ok, this is JUST A JOKE, so don't send mail there, LOL! I really feel like we should take up residence at the ER though! We have been there 3 times this week. Twice on Monday! First, Josiah had another allergic reaction. This time, we know what caused it though. PEANUTS. Yep. Peanuts. So guess what we are now doing? That's right...reading EVERY label that comes into the house and avoiding Texas Roadhouse like the plague!

Monday night, after our trip to the ER for Josiah we came home and Grace fell asleep easily. At about 10pm, she woke up, crying terribly. I immediately thought she was having another nightmare, but then she started to gasp for breath. So, we had to call 911. When the ambulance got there, they took her o2, and it was only registering at 67 and she was noticeably cyanotic. The EMT put oxygen on her, and by the time we got to the ER, it was up to 98. She had a chest x ray and it came back fine, which was reassuring. The doctor said that she probably just got some phlegm from the pneumonia caught in her vocal chords and they closed. He said it can happen to anyone...but obviously a child that has had a stroke and aspiration pneumonia is probably more susceptible. So, we came home and all was well. I think Tuesday was pretty uneventful, since I don't seem to remember it that well. Oh yeah, we went to the park, I think! Wednesday we had to go to Rochester for her dentist. She needs a cleaning and a couple fillings, so she has to go to the OR for that. Thursday, I took Josiah for his 12 month check-up, a little late. We got there and found out he has double ear infections. One of them was so bad that his pediatrician thought the ear drum would probably burst last night. Thank God, it stayed intact, but he's a hurting baby. We got home and I was getting ready to take the kids out for a walk in the beautiful weather...when Grace fell. She was coming from the bathroom and she tripped into the kitchen and SLAMMED into the table, right in between her eyes. She falls a lot, so I thought she would be fine. I picked her up though, and she passed out. She came to within about 30 seconds, but she was just screaming and then started to vomit. So...we had to call 911 AGAIN. She had a CT scan and it looked fine, but she does have a concussion and NASTY bruising. She's also more unsteady than normal today. We have to go this afternoon for a re-check. I will update later!!

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