Friday, March 12, 2010

Great peace have they which love thy law:...

and nothing shall offend them."

Hmm. It has become quite apparent to me in recent weeks that I definitely do not love God's law as well as I should. Please sit down for what I'm going to tell you next, it's a shocker.

I'm a sinner.

Ok, now that you have picked your jaw up and re affixed your eyeballs in their sockets, let me explain!

I get offended daily lately. Or at least every day that I happen to have to take Grace outside the house. Two nights ago, I had to take a trip to Wal Mart for some necessities. We got ourselves around and ready, picked up my niece, and off we went. I was getting some pictures done, so Mary and Grace went to the kids department to look for some warmer weather clothes for Grace. Mary texted me that she thought Gracie had had an accident of the stinky variety. This is no big deal, she still has no muscle memory in her bowels, and she might never again. I met them to take her potty...and then realized she had a very upset tummy. So, into the bathroom we went, where I started to clean her up. In walks a lady, who makes a very loud "ewww" noise. Ok, whatever, it DID stink. So then, she walks past us and acts as though she's gagging. Again, it didn't really bother me. I like to be dramatic just as much as the next person. Then she asked me how old Grace was. Not in the sweet, "how old is your daughter?" way. More like-" How old is she ANYWAY?" I answered (kindly) that she is 3, and got that WONDERFUL response. " She should be potty trained by now. My kids were all trained before they were 2. Lazy parents these days are a shame." Yep, I was offended. Very offended. But, I mustered up my smile (thanks HAC) and said " Well, Grace had a stroke back in November and she hasn't regained her muscle control in those areas yet. She used to be potty trained. (I know, I should have left that out!) She was touch and go for quite a while there, so I just thank God for all that she regained." She left. She did not apologize, did not blush. She left. My beautiful little girl sat there, sick and crying because she KNEW that lady had been picking on her.

So, yes I get offended. I wish I didn't. I wish that I had that same tenacity my girl does. Most days I try to smile through the storm, just like she does...but sometimes it just gets to be too much. See, that little girl is OURS. She is OUR pride and joy. She is OUR miracle. It hurts to see her face when she realizes she can't run behind her friends at church. It hurts that people automatically think that she's dumb, even though she's very intelligent. It hurts that people that don't know her ask if she has ADD, because she has a hard time sitting still. It hurts when parents ALLOW their children to pick on her eyes or her short hair. It hurts when adults don't take the time to notice that she's in a dress and all pink, and call her a boy. SHE KNOWS when people say these things...and it hurts me because it hurts her. I thank God for that pain though. I will never again look at a child that is running wild and automatically judge. I have no idea what has happened in that child's life or body. That woman with way to short hair? She might be recovering from cancer. She MIGHT have had brain surgery!! The man that walks the street and looks like a drunkard? He might have fought for our country and been injured. Jesus would have loved all of these people...not judged them. Jesus DOES love all of these people.

One day my kids will probably read this blog. So Gracie and Josiah (and any others): Be nice. Don't be fake, don't be condescending. Don't judge that which is not yours to judge. Learn to turn the other cheek and give the benefit of the doubt. Love the seemingly unlovable. It will surprise you what God can do.


Becky said...

Thanks for the reality check!

In all honesty, if you were a teenage mum I would have raised an eyebrow (but never would I do what that lady did). It's a pet hate of mine that kids have kids that they have no intention of raising properly... I shoudln't do this, you never know other peoples lives...

If I was that lady, I wouldn't have said anything, though I would have been curious. But I'm the kind of person who would have struck up a conversation without the rudeness. That was unacceptable, and you shouldn't feel bad for being offended. I think you dealt with the situation well, and the reason the lady probably didn't reply was because she was embarrassed. Maybe in the future she will think twice. Well handled I would say. Grace should never have to feel bad about that, one day she herself will be able to respond to it in the same reasonable manner that you did. Untill then, I think you did a pretty good job on her behalf!

Ignoring it just lets it fester, and people should know they have done wrong in order to correct it in the future.

Amanda said...

Well said, Michelle. That was a beautiful post. I CANNOT believe the nerve of that woman! Gracie couldn't help it- that woman could have.
I wouldn't have held it together as well as you did. Good job, Mom.
I hope that woman walked away having learned a lesson, though.

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