Friday, March 5, 2010

A day in the life...

Grace-"Mommy I waked up!! Where's Josiah? Josiaaaah!!!??? Josiaaaaah???!!!"

Me-"Josiah's still sleeping Grace...shhh."

Grace-"Where's my Josiah? What's your name? Where's my Damma? I waked up, mommy. I need cereal. Where's Josiah?"

Me- "He's sleeping honey. See, right here. Grandma's probably sleeping too. Let's go potty then mommy will get you some cereal."

Grace- " Noooooo!" (She truly HATES the potty since the stroke. My fault, but we won't get into my parenting failures tonight).

Me- "Gracie you're dry and I'm sure you need to pee pee! (Singing) Here we go loopedy loo here we go loopedy la, here we go loopedy loo all the way to the pee pee pot."
(Yes seriously).

She goes potty, under serious duress.

Grace- "Josiah, wake up. Josiah, wake up. Josiiiiaaaahhhh. Mommy, Josiah waked up."

Josiah- smile, giggle, pull sissy's hair

Grace- "Hi, hi, hi, hi! What's your name? Where's Nick? Where's Nick's mommy? I want cereal."

Me- "Let mommy change Josiah and then we will go get breakfast."

Grace- (very seriously)'"Mommy, I am very very hungry and I need to eat cereal with marshmallows in my mouth."

Ok, so this is really just the first 30 minutes of our day, LOL. Isn't it amazing that just a few months ago, this child wasn't supposed to talk again? I try to remember that throughout the day when she annoys me or is naughty. Sometimes I forget, I come here and post. God has been so good.

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Heidi said...

God has been amazingly good, Michelle. When I need inspiration or a reminder of God's blessings, I click on my bookmarked Journey of Grace page and it ALWAYS makes me smile, sometimes with a tear, and almost certainly many nods of understanding and agreement of God's amazingness (not a word?)!!

We think of you each day in prayer, by visiting your page or your facebook. I am in wonder of your God given strength and love.
I love reading your posts and updates and seeing pictures of the kids. :)
In love, in prayer,

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