Monday, March 8, 2010

A day in the life...part 2

Within the last ten minutes, Gracie has actually cracked me up about 200 times!! I figure I'll write some of the cute things down here, hopefully you will laugh as well!

My friend Jill called, she is going to perm my (once naturally curly, thanks Josiah!) hair on Friday. Gracie was VERY good while we were on the phone, because she was eavesdropping the whole time. Our conversation after the call ended:

"Mrs. Rogereegis do my mommy's hair?"
"Yes, on Friday."
"She shave Gracie's head?"
"No, honey the doctor did when you had surgery."
"Oh. She make mommy's hair pretty?"
"I hope so."
"Mrs. Rogereegis make my mommy's hair purple?"
"My mommy's hair will be pretty purple. I need the phone. Pease. Pease? Pretty pease???"
"I tell Mrs. Rogereegis to make my mommy hair pretty purple!"

Maniacal laughter.

Another friend dropped off a wagon for us just a little while before that. Grace and Josiah played in it for a while, and then I told them it had to go outside until tomorrow. The conversation starts with me.
"Honey we will go for a walk tomorrow with Nick and James."
"I just waaaaannnnt to go walk now tomorrow with just my Josiah and my Grace Elliana and my mommy Michelle Richards." **half crying, half whining**
"It's getting chilly baby, and mommy isn't dressed to go for a walk ( I didn't get dressed today...last night was a rough one.)
"But I just really NEEEED to walk outside in the wagon now and take my tup and my Josiah's bottle and Nick's wipes. I reaaaallly need to go outside and walk and take the wagon that My Mrs. Daniel Norton (my friends 2 year old son, by the way) brought for me!! Mommy?"
"What Grace?" **major exasperation**
" Go for a walk in the wagon and sing Jesus songs?"
How in the WORLD do you tell a child no, when she wants to go walk outside and sing about Jesus? Especially when your pastor has preached about singing to God two weeks in a row?

Just before bed, we were sitting in the kitchen. I sat down on one of the chairs and she told me, very sweetly, not to sit there. I asked her why-
"Those chairs are for big people only."
"Mommy's a big person."
"No, they're for big people. Grandma and Grandpa and Tommy and Georgie and Nick (who's 2)."
"Mommy's a big person, too."
"What am I then?"
"My only mommy. With pretty purple hair."

More maniacal laughter...

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Amanda said...

I LOVE this post!!! She's hilarious! P.S. I think purple hair would be beautiful :).

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