Saturday, April 10, 2010


So Gracie is sitting in the living room, playing with her flash cards right now. She just sang 1...2...3 Jesus Loves me. 3 and 4... He doesn't need me to wear this patch anymore. Oh I am cracking up! She often makes up her own words to songs, but she doesn't usually rhyme!! These patches are the very bane of her existence! She does well with them sometimes, but today the stupid thing just won't stay on. She has 2 patches and a band aid holding it on, and it's still falling off. I'm cheap though. We paid $20 for these things and we wanted to use them. I'm coming to the realization though that it's better to spend a few more dollars and get the ones that will stay on. It sure will be worth it if it keeps her from having eye surgery. Can I ask you all to pray about that, by the way? She doesn't go back to the ophthalmologist until July, so we are hopeful to see a TON of progress by then! Here she is wearing her "puppy dog"patch. This was a few weeks ago, after her concussion. Notice the nice yellow in between her eyes? Doesn't she look cute with the patch on though?

This Tuesday, I have to go to her CPSE meeting. She has been getting PT and OT, twice a week since she came home. The therapists usually work with elderly stroke patients though. CPSE is through the school district and work with kids. I am PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING that they will take her on!! She NEEDS to have Speech Therapy. She hasn't had it since she left St. Mary's. Her speech itself is going well, but she ASPIRATED and that wouldn't have happened if she had been having ST right along.

And now, for my lesson of the day: did you know that original meaning of our English word God is "the Good one"? How perfect. He IS Good!

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Kayte said...

She looks so cute with those on!

Praying for NO SURGERY!!!!!!

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