Sunday, April 18, 2010

One of these kids is not like the others...

There are moments in every single day when I look at my beautiful little girl and realize just how different she is from 6 months ago. EVERY DAY. Yesterday, we went to a birthday party for one of her little friends, and it was chock full of those moments. She had a ton of fun, but it was very stressful for Mommy, lol!

We got there and there were a lot of people there. All people that she knows, but she usually sees them at church. She was SO excited to go to Olivia's party, she almost fell out of her car seat trying to get out of the car. After about 10 minutes though, I noticed her, standing by herself off to the side. She's not a loner...she was just hanging back and watching the action. I tried to engage her with the other kids, but realized really quickly that she thought she was playing with them. Just standing there, watching them play was enough for my girly-bug. The next thing I noticed was her table manners, or lack thereof. Now, it would be unfair for me to say that this is completely a stroke thing. Grace has always had a problem with grabbing before she asks. However, we were working through that before November and she was actually doing very well. I saw her put her hands on so many people's hot dogs I wanted to just cry. Thank God most of the kids didn't notice, and the older one was gracious ( love you Alura!). She also pretty much refuses to use utensils these days. I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out why. I watched her at the party yesterday, trying to stab a hot dog with a fork. She missed every time, then she finally got it and the plate fell on the floor. She's just learning to adapt, just like the rest of us are. So, I let her eat her cake with her hands. One of the older kids asked me why she eats with her hands...that was hard. I know this child, and I know he didn't mean to be hurtful. He's a child and he asked a question. It hurt my heart though, because it made me think of all the people who DON'T ask the question, and then judge her. Or me.

The real test was when all of the kids went outside, and she actually held her own. First of all, she opened up and had a lot more fun. I truly think that it was just a lot for her in a small area with a lot of people. These are things I never think of, but will have to start. I couldn't let her play the games, but she had fun ANYWAY, and that's what matter right? There was a man there, whom I don't know very well, but I could tell he had a heart for the underdog. He picked her right up and ran her through one of the balloon games. It made her day...and mine too.

On the way home, I asked her if she had fun. "Yesh. I had fun with Mommy and Oliva and Alura and AAAAriiiies (hmmm, think she likes that one, LOL), and with Cara and Cara's mom and my Mrs. Norton and where was Daniel? Where's Jessica? And outside with bike and lots of balloons. I love Olivia's happy birthday Mommy." One of those kids truly was NOT like the others...and I am so incredibly blessed that she's mine.

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Heidi said...

Oh Michelle...thank you for this post! Gracie is just incredibly blessed to have you as her mommy! She's a blessing to the rest of us :)
Sounds like she had a fun day!
Always praying for you. Always in awe of your strength and spirit. :)

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