Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Sunday!

First of all, it sure was a nice change to spend a holiday at home!! Gracie had a great Easter Sunday. We dyed our eggs the night before... and I got NO pictures. Bad mommy. She had a lot of fun though. We would drop an egg in the colored water and she'd hold her breath a little until we'd pull it back out. Then she's see whatever color it had turned and she'd say "WOW!" or "Ooooohhh". It was very cute.

Easter morning came and she woke me up, saying "Hey mom, Jesus day." (Usually I'm always up before my kids, but she was up at like 5 am!!) She hopped into our bed and went back to sleep for an hour,, and then it was time to make our Resurrection rolls. She had fun making them...I kept telling her that we had to seal them up tight like Jesus' tomb was. She'd ask-"Jesus die, mom?" I'd start to answer her, and she'd yell "Uh uh, He's alive!" I have no clue where she learned that one, but it
made my YEAR!!
She was a bit concerned about the disappearance of the marshmallows, but her Easter gifts helped out. Her favorite gift was by far her new Bible. We decided that it's time for a big girl Bible for her. She just LOVES it. I'm so thankful that she's already showing a love for God's Word.

Soon, it was time to head to church---but not without a few pictures of my two cuties!!
All in all, a great day!! Love to all, and Happy Easter!

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