Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday cake...for breakfast anyone?

Most mornings, we are rather busy. Between PT and OT, visiting nurses and doctors appointments--it's usually get up and go. Some days though, we have that little bit of extra time. On those morning, I like to ask Gracie what she would LIKE for breakfast. Sometimes, it's a little too out there, but usually it's within the realms of breakfast food. Today was one of those days. Gracie got up quite early after going to sleep quite early last night, and we were spending some good time together. I asked her what she wanted me to make her for breakfast and she answered "Umm. I just want to have some Happy birthday cake!!" with a big grin. Of course, I told her cake is a no go for she decided on "macioni and cheese". Poor kid. It sounded so good to her. So one more time, I asked her..."Happy Birthday cake,, Mommy!!" with an even bigger grin. I asked her who's birthday it was today ( we don't have any today), and she picked up her baby doll and said " Today is Faith's Happy Birthday party, Mom!!" So cute!! She finally decided on her breakfast, a highly nutritious one of Fruit Loops, and we went to her pediatrician for her hospital recheck. After that, we decided to enjoy this last day of nice weather. (Only in NY, will it be 78 degrees one day and a forecast of snow the next!!) We picked up my sister and James and headed to the park.

The trip to the park tired the kiddo's out, so while they napped, I went to the grocery store. My mind kept going back to Gracie saying it was Faith's happy birthday. I ended up buying the stuff to make a cake. I got home and made dinner and the cake. After dinner was over, I sent the kids outside with my niece and nephew, and I got the party ready.
This is Emily and Faith. Emily has been with the family now for 3 years!! Faith is actually only a few months old, but we like to celebrate around here!

Gracie, holding Faith when she came in the room. She was so excited that we were having a birthday party for her!! It was so sweet!
The cake. Josiah was just excited to eat. ( See the babies that we invited to the party?)

Such a good Mommy!!

And of course...two pieces of cake made for a hyper Gracie!!

Such good memories!! What fun!

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