Sunday, April 18, 2010

CPSE meeting.

So, before the trip to Rochester this week, I went to the CPSE meeting for Grace. CPSE is the preschool counsel for disabled kids in Horseheads, the committee that will be taking over her physical, occupational, and speech therapy. I'm VERY "happy" to report that she has qualified for everything. She will receive three sessions of each therapy per week, PLUS three 1 hour sessions with a preschool teacher to help her with learning and behavioral skills. I am praying that this will be exactly what she needs.

People have asked me how much the stroke has set her back quite often. She is such a happy, playful child, that sometimes it is hard to tell. Here are a few statistics that I can share with you.

These are percentages from a test that the therapists give her before she can qualify for services. As you can see, all of her scores dropped DRASTICALLY. ***Click on the chart to see it larger- it came out much smaller than I expected. ***

It's VERY hard to see these scores and to know that your child is this far behind. There were times in that meeting that I just wanted to cry. However, she IS doing well and she IS making gains every single day!! God has been SO incredible to us, and this time and these delays are just part of His plan for her. I can't wait to see how He plans to use this time in our lives. Maybe there's a therapist just waiting for someone to reach them?? One that could only be reached by a sweet three year old with great faith in Jesus?

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