Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awake -vs- conscious

I have been using the word awake to describe Gracie's state. I am now realizing that this does not give a good enough description. Gracie is intermittently conscious. She is still not completely aware. She opens her eyes, briefly, but she does not focus. Chances are good that she has been at least partially blinded. She has been doing big cat like stretches today, and she moves her left arm and leg often. This is not normal movement though, it is all neurological. She can't get comfortable, so she moves all over. Imagine if you had a leg cramp and you were dancing all over trying to get rid of it, kicking your leg, bending and stretching it. Those are the types of movement we see from Grace. It's MOVEMENT though, and that is what counts at this point.

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