Sunday, November 15, 2009

In the hospital

Well, we got up this morning and my girl just wasn't acting any better. So I took her to STP and we were admitted. She needs IV fluids...they think it's the flu or a virus. The more the day goes on though, the more my brain is screaming shunt. She's just not getting any better...and the nurses are NOT listening to me. I know she had a shunt series...I held her down for it. I also know that the techs didn't seem to have any idea whether it was a good scan or not. This is MY it too much to ask that they check her? If she starts having diarrhea and puking, I swear, I will eat humble pie and LOVE it.

Her shunt line is bright red and raised...the nurse says that it's not a sign of shunt problems...HMMM...that's not what Dr. Silberstein told us....

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