Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some talking

Gracie has been trying to talk more the past couple of days. She has said "hi, Mommy, Josiah, George, amen, and Elliana." Last night, I walked in and she was laying down. I knew she had heard me, so I said "Hi Gracie, Mommy has to wash her hands." I heard "Hiiiii", in a very sing song voice...and it was her. This morning she talked to my mom quite a bit. She also said hi to a nurse today, the first time she has spoken to anyone but one of us. Hopefully, now they won't think we're crazy!

My dad got to go in and see her yesterday. It was very hard for him, but she tried to respond to him. She is TRYING to smile in the picture. My beautiful girl...she REALLY needs her hair evened out on the right side!!

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