Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out of the PICU

Happy Day! Gracie has been moved from the PICU to a regular toddler floor.Tomorrow, we will be having another ophthalmology consult. I am convinced there must be some way they can tell us if she is completely blinded or not. I am also hopeful that St. Mary's will be back in so we can figure out whether they will take her. She is slowly eating more by mouth (still just pudding/yogurt) but more volume and more often, so she might be able to get rid of the NG tube soon.
She got a sweet little roomie tonight, a 4 year old girl. Poor baby has a lot going on...

Some people have been asking for specific prayer requests. Here are a few:
1. Answers about Gracie's vision. We are totally ok with whatever God has decided to do, but not knowing is hard. We need to start planning for the future now.
2. I've been getting a lot of information thrown at me, most recently about wheelchairs. She will need one for a while at least, and the prices are CRAZY!! I know God will provide, so pray for me not to worry about it.
3. I feel I had lost sight of the great gift God had given me with the incredible testimony of Gracie's birth. I have been able to share Jesus with a few people since her illness. Pray for me to be bold for Him.
4. A little girl named Peyton. She is the surviving identical twin of one of the families at the RMH. Tomorrow, she will have very a dangerous surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis.

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