Monday, November 23, 2009

Quite a bit going on today!!

So, today was the last day at the hotel. Praise the Lord, we were able to get into the Ronald McDonald House. For any of you who have never had any experience with RMH...let me just give you a run down. They give you a place to sleep, a crib for the baby, a chair to rock him, internet access, shuttles to and from the hospital, television to watch, books to read, washer and dryers. You come home from a long day at the hospital and dinner is ready and it's ALWAYS good. You have a place to store food, a high chair to feed a baby normally, comfy couches to relax on. They ask how the day was...they learn your child's name and diagnosis. They LOVE you. They SUPPORT you. I'm not big on McDonald's food... but I absolutely love the House!!

The respiratory therapy started today. I can barely stand to be in the room. The nurses take the part that they usually put over the mouth when giving oxygen, and they thump her little chest with it. They call it cupping. She's all red when it's done, but it seems to really help, and that IS what is important. She also had physical therapy in today. She will be coming to work those limbs so hopefully, my girl will walk again someday.

Big plans for tomorrow...they want to try and extubate her!!

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