Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long night...

Gracie CO2 crept up last night. Thankfully, she has what is called a blood gas every hour because she is on a ventilator, and the nurses caught it before it was dangerous. Basically, our bodies are meant to excrete the carbon dioxide we breathe in, but sometimes have a hard time when air is being forced through the vent. They have changed her vent settings just a little and will keep a close eye on her gasses through the day. Her magnesium levels have also dropped, so she is getting that in her IV as well.

Dr. Silberstein was in just a few minutes ago and said he was going to try and get her on the schedule today for the surgery to revise/replace her shunt. Whoa, nervous mommy!! We thought we had until Monday, at the least!! He told me that the external shunt that Dr. Kung placed has done it's job well, but that since it is external, it's VERY susceptible to infection. This is why he wants to get her in ASAP. So, we'll see...if the OR remains open between 4 and 6 pm, it's hers. I will keep you posted!! Thank for the prayers.

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