Sunday, December 20, 2009


I really don't have much of an update on Gracie tonight. She is still doing well, just getting tired of being in a hospital. I always feel so bad when it's time for bed and she says "this is NOT my's the nurses room!". Before we know it, she'll be home though, and she's only 3. Chances are her good that her memories of St.Mary's will include the nurses who spoiled and LOVED her and all the play time with her "friends"(therapists).

I do have a prayer request, one that has been weighing very heavily on me for a few days now. There is a girl named Leigh here. She is 22 years old, and was in a car accident back in August. Her injuries are very serious...she does not move on her own, talk, or really communicate. Basically, she is in a type of wheelchair (it's cushioned and reclines) most of the time. Her parents are here as often as they can be, at least 3 or 4 hours a day, and all day on weekends. They are people who have lost all hope. When her dad talks about her, you see the love in his face...but the joy never gets to his eyes. He told me this morning that he wakes up every morning and for just a moment, thinks it must have been a bad dream. Then he he reminds himself that this is their NEW life and he goes to work or comes here. It is heartbreaking. I have been praying for the family for 2 weeks (when I first met them). There is really not much else I can do for them, but just pray. I let him know every day that I have been praying for her and for them. These people need Christ though. They NEED that hope that only he can bring. Please pray with me for their salvation. I don't feel comfortable sharing a last name here, but they are Leigh's parents. God already knows!

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Heidi said...

Michelle..thank you for sharing and I will indeed add them to my prayer list.

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