Friday, December 4, 2009

Now at St. Mary's Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab Center

Wow. As of last night, we thought it would be at least Monday before we were transferred to St. Mary's. The staff was worried that Grace wasn't taking enough by mouth to sustain her, and wanted to wait to make sure that she would continue to eat as well as she has been. Fast forward to this morning. I was at RMH with Josiah and my mom called me to tell me the little girl in the room with us was now vomiting. That, of course, made me very nervous. She said the neurologist that was rounding right then was going to get on the phone and try to get Grace in to St. Mary's today. Next thing I knew, it was settled, transport had been called, and it was time to pack. Grace was strapped into a stretcher and put on a medical transport van. She HATED it...she was really scared. There isn't a seat in the back and it was against the law for me to sit on the floor (usually mom just sits up front--- but the child is usually older), so the driver had a great idea. He got a wheelchair, put me in it, and strapped me in next to her. What a guy...I could tell he's a daddy! So, we got here safely and got into her room. It is MUCH nicer than I expected. It's not in a great part of town, but it's a locked facility. Grace is the youngest patient here right now, but there is another little girl. She's probably 8 or 9...she is so sweet. I think we met basically the whole staff today, and I didn't meet a single person who wasn't genuinely NICE. She will be having physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy EVERY DAY for an hour each. She LOVED the would thing they ALWAYS worked with kids.
They even allowed Josiah in, even though they have the under 18 rule. The nurse manager said she couldn't see having them apart for so long, so long as he doesn't get any illnesses.
Grace's vision is getting stronger!! She still has a hard time when she's tired, but she did very well tracking things and grabbing for the therapist. She also will name things ( like the balloon) that there was no way she can just "sense". It's amazing...just yesterday, I was asking for a definitive answer.

Here are a couple of pictures from today. I will post a video also in a few minutes.


Heidi said...

Michelle...what a great post! I have been praying for an answer for the vision very strongly the last couple days...I know you have been worried...God is so good!

Amanda said...

What a wonderful driver!!! That made me cry :). I'm SO glad Gracie's vision is getting better, that's wonderful! I'm also so glad things are going better. I'm sorry she caught whatever bug her little roommate had- hopefully, it's nothing too bad.

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