Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lots of progress

I have been seeing a TON of progress in Gracie this week! I can't believe that it's Wednesday already, by the way. The days go fast around here. Here's a few of the improvements:
1. Her voice is getting stronger by the day. When she first got here, she spoke in a whisper...we had to get right down to her level to even hear her. Today, I really noticed that she's getting her voice back.
2. Though they haven't progressed her diet yet (she is still on mechanical soft) I am noticing that she is doing better with eating. Tonight she fed herself a full plate of macaroni and cheese, and I only had to slow her down and remind her to chew a couple of times.
3. She REALLY wants to walk, and desire is always half the battle! When she walks with her therapist or me, she always tries to get us to let go of her.

This morning,we sat in the dining room and tried to catch up a little bit on her Sunday School work. As she completes her assignments, we hang them in her room. Earlier, as we went to the potty, she looked up and said " Hi Elisha!" So cute!

Tonight, we decorated Christmas cookies and she tried to hand them out to other patients. Most of them can't eat them though, so she gave them to the nurses instead. She had a lot of fun though.

Things to pray for:
1. When she walks her right knee still goes backward a bit. Her physical therapist isn't too concerned yet, she said it might correct itself. Pray it does, please!
2. She still takes Keppra twice a day (an anti seizure drug). I am hopeful that they will wean her off of this, so we can see whether it is even necessary. If she IS having seizures, then by all means, she needs to stay on it. However, I hate to be putting drugs in her little body that she doesn't need.
3. Low grade fevers continue to be a conundrum! The Dr. has had me taking her temp three times a day, using the same thermometer. This way we can get a baseline temp for her...however, it's just all over the place. Obviously, the concern is infection, but there are NO other signs of that.

She loves the cards, thanks to everyone!


Heidi said...

Keep at it Gracie! We are praying for you to get stronger and things get easier for you each day.

Heidi :)

Grandma said...

Gracie knows she is loved so she works hard !!!!! Keep it up baby!

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