Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The little things...

Today I was on my way out of the hospital to go spend some time with Josiah when I realized I had left my purse upstairs in Grace's room. I jumped back on the elevator to go back up, and a gentleman in full dress blues with a huge smile on his face stepped on. I've never been one to ignore people just because we're in an elevator (never quite got that, do we turn into mutes in small spaces?), so I was getting ready to say hi. He didn't give me the chance...he was so excited he had to tell me his story. Basically, he is in the Army and has been deployed for over 2 years ( with 2 weeks leave for a death in the family this summer). His unit was scheduled to come home at the beginning of next month, but plans got changed and they got sent home early. He decided to surprise his wife and didn't tell her at all. They got home last week and had to go through some "rig amoral" (his words, LOL), and then he went straight home, where he found out his wife was in labor for their first child. That smile was because he had never thought he'd be home to see child born. It was so heart warming!! He was getting out, and I said "woo, God is good." He turned around and said "Yeah, I guess He is." It made my day...but of course He knew it would!

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