Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please ignore my BEAUTIFUL voice on here, LOL...I wasn't thinking about the fact that I was being recorded too! I was so shocked when she remembered part of one of her memory verses. Yesterday was SUCH a good day. We went through lots of names and she remembered most everyone. Some people got huge reactions. My mom's best friend Sue got the first giggle I've heard. We talked about Miss Joy (one of her church hour teachers) and she said "Oh, I love her." She's said her Sunday School teachers name (it's not simple)and asked where Pastor went. That one gets me, because he was one of the last people that saw her when she was in a coma. He came in and prayed with us... I wonder WHAT she remembers?

she's starting to play with some things a little. In some ways, she's reverted a bit. We gave her play dough and it went straight to her mouth. She does the same with her feeding tube. She might just not be able to see well enough to figure out what it is and that's an easy way to figure it out. Time will tell!


Anonymous said...

Keep going Miss Gracie! I sent a note in the mail today to the hospital so hoping it gets there maybe Saturday?
We love you!


Anonymous said...

Sweet baby girl! she's such a little fighter.<3
Give her a hug for me. Tell her Caroline misses her *so* much and prays for her every day!

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