Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today is December 12. It has been one month today since all of this started happening with Grace. One LONG month. A month of second guessing myself, the doctors, the nurses, the medications. A month of worry and fear, and I probably have many more of these months to come. Last night, I was sitting here, feeling sorry for my baby girl, and in turn, myself. She woke up very confused as to where she was. She wanted her bed and her pillow and her Emily and James (her baby dolls). I kept reassuring her that everything was fine, I told her Amanda and Mary were taking care of her babies, and that her Cinderella blankets and pillow were keeping her bed warm. She finally fell to sleep and so did I.

I started to think about that little girl though...the one who's daddy is in Afghanistan and she's scared. You know, that little girl who doesn't even know how to say Afghanistan, but she knows it's a war? How does Mommy calm THOSE fears? I'm thinking of my cousins wife. We don't even know each other, but I know shes having a hard time. My cousin is deployed and she just found out that their little boy has heart problems.

I'm thinking of the family at the Ronald McDonald House who have been there for 8 months and have no end in sight. I'm thinking of Heather, the mom of Gracie's first roommate at Strong. Her daughter has some terrible diseases that cause immense pain and illness OFTEN. While she was in the hospital with her, she got fired for missing work. She's a single mom of 2 kids.

SO...this really isn't an update on Grace is it? Yeah, it is. It's an update on what my Grace has TAUGHT me. She's 3 years old and she SMILES through the storm. Last night, a woman stopped me with tears in her eyes and said "Gracie really made my husband's night. She let him read her Twas the Night Before Christmas." She always stops to give a bright smile to Joanne, a lady who is heading to a Nursing Home on Monday. She can't be more than 65...but she can't completely take care of herself and she has no one to take care of her. I am so glad that Gracie makes her feel loved!!

God is good. That's not just something I is something that I KNOW. It's something I trust. Smile at a stranger them through their struggle.

Have nothing to smile about?

Do you know Jesus?

There. I bet you're smiling.


Heidi said...

You are so right, Michelle...what a blessing Gracie is to others and what a blessing you are for you to keep sharing your story and share your love for God. He is good. So good.
I can't help but cry after your posts but they are mostly always tears of happiness of God's love shining in your life and into others'.

:) Heidi

HOPE said...

Hi Michelle..I found you by way of Tori..and so glad I did. What a wonderful post to remind us that others as well as ourselves are going through the trials of life, but those who know the LORD Jesus as their Saviour have comfort, hope and peace that passes all understanding.

I know that the LORD must look down upon your little Gracie with joy as he sees the affect she is having on others.

I have three preemie g'children...and more grands but these are survivors of less than 2 pds. at birth.

I hope that if you have time to stop by my blogs you will find some refreshings of encouragement.

God bless you all with strength and peace that only HE can give.


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