Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cute little lady...

Well, Gracie's brain is starting to REALLY wake up. She has asked me about 1500 times today where her Uncle Pommy and Georgie are. (By the way Tom...the other day we were trying to get her to remember Princess's name and we reminded her that she always dumps her food. She remembered Princess...then said "makes Pommy mad" with that devilish glint in her eyes...too funny!!)

Her speech therapist let her try her FAVORITE food (beside cereal) today...macaroni and cheese!! What kid doesn't like mac and cheese? She ate it all with no problems. So, we are moving up on the nutrition, from pureed (think stage 1 baby food) to mechanical soft. She's doing very well, relearning to chew and swallow. She even got a piece of cheesecake with her lunch. She is still on the nectar thick liquids, but they are SLOWLY taking it back down to regular. Jess (speech therapist) allows her to drink regular milk and water when she is with her.

Right now she is in a hour and 1/2 block of PT/OT. It's funny. She cries when it's first time to go with Sarah (PT), then she has the time of her life. Then she cries when Will comes in(OT) then she has fun. Transitions are just very hard right now.

Thanks for the cards that have been coming! She loves to help open them and look at them. Get well cards go on the wall in her room and Christmas cards go on her door, for all to enjoy. The pictures are a GREAT tool, to help her remember faces and names. So far, she is doing good. She needs just a gentle reminder the first time she sees a face, then she can usually remember again for the next time.

Please continue to pray for the Nist family. Everyone here has been so touched by that is amazing. Their faith is strong but they will need a lot of grace to get through this.


maddygirlheidi said...

Great news! :)

Gof said...

thats awesome tell her pommy loves her and to hurry up and get better so she can come dump all the dog food she wants

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