Monday, December 7, 2009

I NEED cereal...

Is there a food that you just can't imagine living without? Well, for my Gracie, it is cereal. Ever since her appetite has been back, she has "need"ed cereal. It has been cute, yet heartbreaking. Three year old's don't understand that they had a tube down their throat and that their lung collapsed and that they had aspiration pneumonia. They don't understand that they HAVE to eat the yucky pureed food, because they are at a risk of aspirating food into their lungs.

They understand that they "need" cereal.

Today, Gracie's speech therapist decided to let her try. She got thickened milk and cheerio's and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Gross, right? Grace gobbled them up so fast they had to keep telling her to slow down!! She was so thrilled...she told Jess (her therapist) that she loved her!!

She has been doing well with her therapy. It is very tiring for her, and she doesn't really have the time in the schedule to take a good nap. This is her day:

7:30-8am Wake up, clean up, dress, Bible with Mommy
8-8:30am- breakfast
8:30-9- physical therapy
9-9:30- speech therapy
10-10:30- physical therapy
12:30-1-occupational therapy
1-2- NAP
2-2:30- speech therapy
2:30-3- physical therapy
3-3:30- occupational therapy
5-5:30- dinner

I'm tired just writing it out! She does well though, and in between she loves to play the piano and spend time with Josiah. Her spirit is great. I bought a little Christmas tree and she loves to show it off. She also wears a Santa hat, though she has no clue who he is. I could care less at this keeps her head warm!! Physical therapy is going good. She really likes all of the's amazing. The vast majority of people here are over age 50, but you would think the staff was trained for pediatrics. They can just engage her so quickly and easily!! Today, she walked with assistance across the room to my mom. She also got up on her hands and knees from her tummy again...she is trying SO hard. God is good!!

***There is a family at RMH right now with a 4 year old child who has neurological symptoms...but they can't find a cause. She has started wetting again after being trained, she can barely walk ( walks like she's drunk basically), her speech is very unclear and her thoughts don't quite make sense. I can't imagine what it must feel like to know your child is sick, but not able to figure out what it is. Please pray for them and her. ***

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Heidi said...

What a happy post! Wow, Gracie, keep it up sweet girl! Will keep the little 4 year old girl at RMH also in prayer. :)


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