Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy days!

Wow, Gracie has had a fun couple of days! Yesterday, I found out that she was able to go off the unit in the little car. Well, the wheels in my head started turning immediately.I brought Josiah over to the lobby to see her. It was just the sweetest thing ever. The looks on their faces said a million words. Grace put both arms up to hold him. Then when she felt him in her arms, she was just sniffing his hair and putting her face right down into his neck.

They aren't the best pictures in the world, but wow were they ever happy to see each other. Grace did have a hard time sleeping last night, but that had more to do with the noise in the room than anything else. Ugh.

Today, she got a visit by my friend Alicia and her little people, Aries, Alura, Avianna and Ashlee. Again, we brought her downstairs to see them, and she did good. To have the heart of a child...they were so concerned about her boo boo on her head, but they acted like she was just the same Gracie.

She has been eating very well and really trying to say lots of words and remember things. She does get confused sometimes...and then she gets upset. She's very strong willed though, and she'll keep working until she gets whatever it is! We thought we were going to move to St. Mary's tomorrow, but it looks like it might be Monday. I guess they want her to be eating even more...which I'm not so sure about. She's been eating three GOOD meals a day, plus high calorie shakes for snack! We will see in the morning though.

The most important news of the day: Alicia and the kids brought Gracie a balloon. I brought it in the room, very carefully not to make any noise. I put it right in front of her eyes and asked her what mommy had. She didn't know. I moved it from side to side...she didn't know. Then we tied it to the bed, above and a bit away from her...and she said "my balloon." My balloon. Such simple words...such huge meaning. Her sight is not perfect, but she does have sight!!

God is good!!


Heidi said...

God is certainly so grateful for all his blessings on Gracie so far. I know there is much more to come. :)

Amanda said...

Michelle!!! That's wonderful!!! If I'm crying, I can't imagine how you felt!!! That was such a great test- wonder if the docs would've thought of it? ;).

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