Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In every thing give thanks...

I have no idea where to even start with this post. Today, I was driving down the road, thinking about the past 2 months. The emotion got the best of me, and I had to pull over for a few minutes and just thank God. I wanted to take a few minutes now and just thank some people. God has been so good to us through all of this, giving us people at every turn to help us.

1. My mom and dad. Though we don't always see eye to eye on things, (or hear ear to ear in the case of my Dad, LOL) the past 2 months would have been nearly impossible without their help. They have been here from Day 1 and we are very thankful for that.

2. My church family and friends. Our Pastor. I often joke that every time he answers his phone, KNOWING that it's me, God adds another room to his mansion. Seriously though. That day, sitting in the ICU, Pastor walked in and took over. He made the necessary phone calls, got us a ride to Rochester, and found us a place to stay. He calmed me down and prayed with us. He kept in contact with us through those horrible first days, though he and his family were visiting his daughter in Florida for the first time. Much more importantly than all that, he has been the one to guide us and help shape our faith. Had it not been for Jesus being here every step of the way, I do NOT know how we would have dealt with this. Had it not been for our Pastor, chances are slim that we would be saved today. We thank God for our Pastor and his family and their willingness to serve God.
We attend Lighthouse Baptist Church in Horseheads. Until last summer, LBC did not exist. We are the product of a merger between 2 churches, one that was overflowing and one that was slowly dwindling. The love that has been shown to us from members of the church we originally came from is overwhelming. The love that has been shown to us from the church we merged with is nothing short of amazing. Most of these people barely even know us, but have been praying faithfully, sending cards and gifts, making phone calls. I am so thankful for a group of people who allow God to work through them.

3. Tammy, Amanda, Brenda, Joy, Jane, Alicia, Jaime, Carolyn, Melissa, and Sue. I have never been one to need many friends... but I sure do have some of the BEST. There is something to be said about silent strength. Though we have not talked every day, or sometimes for weeks...just when I need it most, a little word of encouragement comes. It means more than you can know.

4. And now for the big one. The one that brings me to tears. The people whom I really don't know.
**Heidi, whom I have met twice at my grandpa's church in FLORIDA. She has followed Gracie, PRAYED for Gracie, and gotten others to pray for her. She has sent us cards and gifts and just LOVED us and our little girl.
**People that have been following the blog and have sent us cards and even gifts, just to tell us that they love us.
**The lady from the gift shop here at St. Mary's. She brought gifts for the kids on Christmas Eve, because she said she knew what it was like.
**Just this afternoon, a lady and I were talking in line at Target. She was buying Christmas decorations for a neighbor who lost his wife this year. He didn't decorate this year and she wanted him to have stuff for next year. I was telling her how I was sure he would love it, and about Grace and all that people have done for us and how much we have appreciated it. She told me that "27 years ago she had accepted Jesus as her Lord and Master and has tried to let Him be the Ruler of her life since." I told her I was a Christian as well and she said she had thought so. The she paid for my bill. My diapers and wipes, shoes for Gracie...over $70 worth of items. I cried and she hugged me and said "Isn't it amazing that God gave you Grace?"
Yes...yes it is. So thank You, Jesus, for EVERYthing.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful!!! Someday you're going to have to write a book. You've been on an incredible journey with some unexpected sharp curves. You've handled it with amazing strength and grace- and you couldn't have picked a better name for your little miracle. :).
We love you and pray for you!!

Heidi said...

Beautiful update. I love that God put you and this lady at Target together...what amazing things He does! It was so sweet and made me cry. God is awesome!!
Praying always.

Jamie said...

That was so sweet of the lady in Target to do that.. it brough tears to my eyes! I am praying for you and your family!!

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